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Capital Raising
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Alternative Investments
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Companies and individuals are ecosystems – resilient, synergistic and efficient in working towards a common outcome


The outcome, is, mostly, aimed to be optimal for people, planet and profit. However in many instances, through either internal or external forces, this optimal balance becomes destabilised. The results can range from constant change/flux to succumbing to some form of defeat. Prerna Advisory aims to: 

Enable individuals and teams to give their best

Through coaching and talent management

Invest in organic business opportunities

Through capital raising and alternative investments

Drive evolution in organisations

Strategic business and organisational development consulting

Our belief is that in supporting corporate ecosystems to find balance, through rectifying some of the fundamental building blocks, and encouraging individuals to #FindYourPrerna (inspiration), latent potential is unlocked to achieve phenomenal results.

Unity in Diversity Master Session

An intense step-up development for leaders looking to lead with impact and purpose


Professional, talented, a thinker and a highly effective communicator

Professional, Talented, a Thinker, Highly effective Communicator – these are just some of the phrases used to describe Arthi Rabikrisson. She is a stand-out young leader in the SA business environment, able to effect growth, development and consciousness in individuals and organisations.

Over the course of an intensive 15 year corporate career, Arthi has led multiple, highly successful initiatives (among them equity research, talent management, capital raising, portfolio management, transformation and coaching) across geographies and client segments in business.

This unique value chain of expertise and experience means that Arthi has a wealth of unconventional insights in these environments, which is relatable and transferable across industries. Her specific approach to relationship advancement has built and sustained enviable networks of institutional investors spanning the globe.

Strategic and solutions focused in nature, Arthi is now channelling her energies to offer her clients these insights directly, through enabling others to give their best (coaching and talent management); investing in organic business opportunities (capital raising and alternative investments) or assist in driving evolution in business and their communities (strategic business and organisational development consulting).


Arthi is the host on the Inspire Your Life podcast and co-host on The Swan Effect podcast


By supporting corporate ecosystems to find balance, and inspiring individuals, latent potential is unlocked to achieve phenomenal results

Coaching and Talent Management

Enhance your human capital development.

Emotional intelligence and resilience, as individuals and within teams, is the cornerstone to navigating and harnessing an effective ecosystem.  Read more

Capital Raising

Connect with the right funders at the right time.

Achieving a sustainable but growing bottom line is the success organisations desire to develop. However, financial constraints may make that goal seem unattainable.   Read more

Alternative Investments

Seek alternative alpha opportunities for a diversified portfolio.

In the quest for balance but also diversity in investments, we have found uniquely alternative types of investment opportunities (ranging across industries in Africa) that may be valuable to your portfolio.   Read more

Strategic Business Consulting

Enable your ecosystem to flourish.

In order for an ecosystem to work optimally in an organisation, different parts of the system need to interrelate, interconnect and interplay.   Read more

Neuro-agility assessments

Neuro-link certified partner


Gender Mainstreaming Awards Africa

Arthi Rabikrisson: Winner – Positive Role Model Category Entrepreneur/Consultant (Gauteng/Southern Africa)

Finance Monthly Global Awards 2021


Insights, ideas, opinions and reflections

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    5 ways to defeat your Imposter Syndrome

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Shape your world around your true values.

- AS Rabikrisson


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Johannesburg, South Africa