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Symbolism of the peacock

The peacock is renowned globally as symbolic of a number of aspirational qualities such as integrity, rejuvenation, awareness, balance, leadership, confidence, and wisdom or vision.

Commonly, in Eastern cultures, the peacock is inherent with the notion of having the courage to learn from the past, better yourself, and then use this to open new doors. The phrase “when one door shuts another one opens” aptly fits the virtues of the peacock.

The beauty in the colours of the peacock is reflective of one’s true self. Being authentic inspires others to behave the same – a hallmark of a great leader.

These are all qualities which underscores Prerna Advisory’s belief that in supporting corporate ecosystems to find balance, through rectifying some of the fundamental building blocks, and encouraging individuals to #FindYourPrerna (inspiration), latent potential is unlocked to achieve phenomenal results.