Our masterclasses are designed to deliver specialised skills
in a 2 to 3 hour focused engagement either in person or virtually, with an expert on the subject.

“Recapitalise the ‘organisation of you’ frequently.
Convert your liabilities into assets that appreciate your value.”

AS Rabikrisson

Current Topics Include

  • Managers as coaches.
  • Enhancing mentor skills in the workplace.
  • Let your Ikigai manifest.
  • What you think you know about action learning.
  • Vuka – awaken to the call of leadership
  • Agile mindset.
  • Understanding and adapting to change.
  • Personal development and resilience.
  • Ubuntu Leadership in a VUCA world – click here to view.

Customisable Topics

Connect with us to customise your Masterclass.

Connect with us to customise on any of the above topics or in areas in the follwing themes.

Career growth

Leadership development

Women emplowerment


Sales and business development

Client relationships

Neuroscience and AI

Financing and sustainability