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Master Session: Ubuntu Leadership in a VUCA World

Unity in Diversity
Master Session

An intense leadership development programme that empowers women in business

The Unity in Diversity (UiD) Master Session on Ubuntu Leadership is an intense, 6 week program for women leaders, who are looking to lead authentically, inclusively and purposefully with impact, by nurturing their inherent ubuntu principles.

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, this ability to challenge the popular and traditional models of leadership with an approach that actually re-centres focus on leading people, will herald a cultural shift towards organisations we want to see today and tomorrow: agile, diverse, equitable, inclusive and sustainable.

Your ubuntu leadership style will nurture better employee and stakeholder engagement, create psychological safety and drive systemic change across an organisation. The Master Session offers incredible value adds including personalised neuro-agility assessment for the individual and the cohort group, master classes, and 1-1 mentoring, all delivered by renowned local and global Industry experts. 

Orientation and masterclasses commence 26 January 2022, weekly until 2 March 2022.

The UiD Master Session is the culmination of efforts from two vibrant enterprises, Prerna Advisory (South Africa – and Corporate Diva (India –, to showcase that despite diversity in geographies and backgrounds, there can be a unifying intent of developing leaders to be impactful in a VUCA world.

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Seats are limited so get in touch and become part of the inaugural UiD Changemakers alumnus today!