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Taking my power back

What do you call a successful, seasoned and highly ambitious corporate employee who has now upped the stakes by deciding to self-administer her career, fate and livelihood? Hmm…I’m sure many ideas come to mind, and not all are flattering.

The one phrase that sticks in my mind is taking my power back. For what seems far too long, the fate of my success has been determined by decisions, plans and ideas laid out by others, who are tracing out their own map towards glory. No amount of haggling, arm-bending, outright frankness or even discreet diligence could move the needle to the degree that I yearned for.

I was irritated and uncomfortable. My glow started to slowly burn less brightly as a result. Unwittingly routine started to creep in causing the foot to slide off the accelerator – all in the name of what? Fitting in? Towing the line? Loyalty? Maybe for my own convenience? Apathy perhaps?

These were just some of the thoughts I have had to hold myself accountable to and reflect on deeply over some time (note, this does not happen overnight). Some of the realisations were unwelcome for someone, like myself, who holds herself to a high standard. That’s when I was able to place my finger on the source of my irritation and discomfort – I had forgotten my own power in the quagmire of all the events that have struck me over the course of my corporate career and personal life.


Thus with awareness comes the ability to change the dialogue – my internal one that is – to one of energy, life, light, focus and fun! I’m walking down an uncharted road (for me) with an arsenal of smokin’ capabilities, an armoury of personal values and beliefs, an attitude of ‘Screw it, Let’s do it!’ – All in my authentic style.

I genuinely hate labels (and I am sure I will post about that fairly soon) but to make a point, you have to grab the attention of those (many) who are defined by labels….

So, here’s to my Xillenial solo entrepreneur foray to freelance the s*** out of the gig economy, reach beyond limitations and attain Mars One level notoriety!

Welcome to my ride.